Summer Dental Care Tips for Kids from Children’s Dentistry of Cherry Creek 

Summer is here, and with it comes a change in routines for many families. At Children’s Dentistry of Cherry Creek, we want to ensure that your child’s smile stays bright and healthy all summer long. Here are some essential summer oral hygiene tips to help maintain excellent children’s dental care during the holidays. 

Our Top 8 Tips for Dental Care 

1. Stick to a Routine 

Summer often means a break from the usual schedules, but maintaining a consistent dental care routine is crucial. Encourage your children to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes and floss daily. This helps prevent cavities and keeps their teeth healthy. 

2. Hydrate with Water 

Summer activities and higher temperatures mean children are likely to be more active and sweat more. Ensure they stay hydrated with water instead of sugary drinks. Water not only keeps them hydrated but also helps rinse away food particles and bacteria, promoting better oral health. 

3. Healthy Snacks 

With more free time, children may snack more frequently. Offer healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, and cheese instead of sugary or acidic treats. These healthier options help maintain strong teeth and reduce the risk of cavities. 

4. Limit Sugary Drinks 

Summer is synonymous with cold, sugary beverages like soda and sports drinks. However, these can contribute to tooth decay. Limit their intake and encourage drinking water or milk, which are better for their teeth. 

5. Protect Their Teeth 

Summer sports and activities can sometimes lead to dental injuries. If your child is participating in contact sports, ensure they wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth from potential injuries. 

6. Make Dental Visits a Priority 

Summer is an excellent time to schedule a dental check-up. A visit to Children’s Dentistry of Cherry Creek allows us to catch any potential issues early and provide preventive care. Regular check-ups are vital for maintaining good oral hygiene. 

7. Travel-Friendly Dental Kit 

If you’re traveling, pack a dental care kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a small bottle of mouthwash. This ensures that your child can maintain their oral hygiene routine even on the go. 

8. Be a Role Model 

Children often imitate their parents. Demonstrate good oral hygiene practices by brushing and flossing your teeth together. This reinforces the importance of maintaining a routine, even during the busy summer months. 

Make an Appointment with Our Team  

Maintaining your child’s dental health during the summer doesn’t have to be a challenge. By following these summer oral hygiene tips, you can ensure that your child enjoys their break without compromising their smile. For more personalized advice and professional care, schedule an appointment with us today to keep your child’s smile healthy all summer long. Remember, for top-quality Pediatric dental care in Glendale, CO, we are here for you! 

Enjoy a happy and healthy summer! 

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