Friendly Pediatric DDS in Cherry Creek, CO

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide the highest quality dental care in an exceptional atmosphere for our patients. In doing so, we will make a positive contribution to the lives of the children we serve, both short term and in life-long habits and health. In providing excellent care to children and education of their families, we will attain our own goals of happiness, job satisfaction, and purpose.

Exceptional People

The employment of professionals of the highest caliber is essential to our purpose. We expect that our team must always be willing to strive to improve technical skills, interpersonal communications, and team interactions. These are people who are excited about what they are doing, are motivated to achieve results, and have high standards of quality and integrity. Our employees make a difference in the lives of other people each day and know the importance and responsibility of this.

Our Patients

We will strive to attract families who value good dental care. We recognize the importance of forming a partnership of mutual respect with the parents of the children we serve. With our education and guidance, we will help parents accept the responsibility for their children’s oral health.

Business Growth

We shall maintain a productive and profitable practice. This is essential to providing ongoing excellence of care.

Continuing Education

Pursuit of excellence in patient care is mandatory. Continuing education, refinement of skills, and providing only the very best possible is our goal. We view the attainment of excellence as a journey requiring constant growth and openness to change.


The practice will provide support, feedback, and leadership to promote growth and long-term commitment from each employee.

Our standards are set high and all will be encouraged to strive for higher levels of expertise. We will strive to make our staff happy with their jobs, reach the highest levels of self-esteem, and help them experience each day feeling like a winner!

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