Children's Dental Visits

At Children's Dentistry of Cherry Creek, we understand that a child's dental needs change as they grow. That is why we have tailored our dental care to suit the unique requirements of every age group. Explore our comprehensive dental services for your child's oral health journey from their earliest years to their teenage years.

Restorative Treatments we Offer

Our restorative treatments include fillings, crowns, bridges and more. We use the latest technology and materials to ensure that your child's treatment is both effective and comfortable. We also provide sedation options to help children feel at ease during their procedures. We will also provide you with post-operative instructions and care information to ensure a smooth recovery.

Early Dental Years

Begin your child's dental care journey with our specialized services for their early years. We focus on creating a solid foundation for good oral hygiene habits, early detection of dental issues, and making visits to the dental office a fun and positive experience.

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Elementary Dental Years

As your child grows and enters elementary school, their dental needs evolve. Our services for elementary-aged children aim to foster good oral hygiene habits, address the unique challenges of growing and losing teeth, and provide education on the importance of maintaining a healthy smile.

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Teen Dental Years

The teenage years bring new challenges and opportunities when it comes to dental health. Our teen-focused dental services address issues like orthodontics, wisdom teeth, and maintaining a healthy smile. We also offer guidance and support for teens as they take more responsibility for their oral care.

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