Are you looking for a family dentist to care for your children’s dental needs? Check out our guide to help you on the search!

Having the right team of healthcare professionals for your family is essential. One of the trickiest medical team members to find is a dentist. This is because many children have fear of dentists so finding one to alleviate this is vital.

It might seem like a challenge to find a dental office that the whole family would enjoy. But there are a few different options to try to make sure you and your loved ones get the best quality service. 

If you’re looking for a family dentist for children, keep reading to check out this guide on how to make your search easier.

Ask a Friend or Family Member

When it comes to your child, you always want to take the best and safest routes. In the case of finding a dentist, this would be asking someone close for a referral. 69% of people who have a genuinely positive experience will recommend the business.

Most people trust referrals because they come from people who they know have their best interests in mind. You know that someone who considers you and your family will put you in good hands. 

It’s also a great idea to get a referral from your network because other people can share their experiences. Asking your friends, family or even coworkers who have children about a local dentist office gives first-person insight into how the practice truly operates. You’ll be able to ask specific questions about the office which is especially important if you know your little one has specific needs.

Start your search for a family dentist by asking other families you know. Gather a few different recommendations and resources so that you can have a few options to increase your chances of finding a good fit.

Read Online Reviews

The next best thing to getting a personal recommendation from someone close to you is getting an honest one from someone online. Many people tend to leave reviews on Google, Yelp, etc. about their experiences with various healthcare providers. This is to help others who are taking the journey that they’ve taken.

Since health is such a serious and sensitive topic, you may find more honest opinions than across other industries. Search for a local children’s dentist and check out what other parents and families have to say. 

Keep your eyes open for people who give more details about their visit. This could be a sign that they’ve actually been to the place and aren’t fake posters. Use your discernment to spot fake reviews and remember this is just for gathering more information in your decision-making process.

Check Out Dental Work Services

Another determining factor for finding a good family dentist is to look into which services they offer. Every dental practice is not created equally so you’ll need to know whether the particular place does the range of work that your family needs. 

If you know your child needs care and consideration for specific conditions then take this into account. Make a list of everything you’re looking for and find the offices that do that type of dental work. You can also call around to ask different practices directly if they do or do not offer something that you would need. 

Visit the Dentist Office

Once you’ve started narrowing down some promising options, you should check them out in person. Make some time to visit the offices or schedule consults with the dentist. 

Visiting the location in person gives you a chance to make your own opinion about the overall vibe. You should look for specific things that may be red or green flags. Here are a few key factors to keep an eye out for during your visit:

  • Family/Child-friendly environment (bright lighting, toys available, decor for kids, etc.)
  • Friendly and attentive staff and medical personnel
  • Ease in processes and procedures (does the office seem well-run and organized?)
  • Clean and hygienic environment and practices

Be sure to pay attention to how the staff handles you as well as other patients. You may also get a chance to ask other families how their experiences have been and what keeps them coming to that specific dentist office. Be upfront and ask any questions you may have to make sure the dentist and other staff are confident and knowledgeable of their jobs.

Look Into Training and Qualifications

The last thing you want to expose your child to is someone who may not be qualified enough to do their dental work. Make sure you check into what type of experience and training the provider has. You can also ask them about any specialty work or certifications that they may hold as well.

A lot of medical practitioners tend to post their achievements around the office. Take a look to see if there are any plaques on the wall that might give hints of all the work the dentist has put in.

Make Sure They Take Your Insurance

Any form of medical bill can get expensive and taking care of your oral health is no exception. That’s why it’s important to question whether or not the dentist office is able to take your medical insurance. 

You may also be able to ask your insurance provider for referrals directly. See which family dentist offices are in their network and then call around and use the other tips to help you decide.

Find the Best Family Dentist For Your Child

One of the most challenging parts about going to the dentist is taking a child for their own appointment. Dentists aren’t at the top of the “favorites” list for most children so it can be a hassle to get them in without kicking and screaming. The best thing to do is to find a family dentist that checks off all the boxes and eases your child about visiting.

Use these tips to find the right children’s dentist for you and your family. If you’re looking for a trustworthy team of qualified dental professionals who care about each and every one of their patients the same, contact our office today to schedule a visit.